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Alkaline Pitcher Replacement Filters that fit Brita® Pitchers - 3 Cartridges Pack

Alkaline Pitcher Replacement Filters that fit Brita® Pitchers - 3 Cartridges Pack

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  • INSTANT ALKALINE WATER Enjoy clean & revitalizing healthy alkaline water with a pH of 8.5 to 9.5. Ion exchange resin increases Ca2+ & Mg2+ and reduces certain heavy metals such as lead & copper
  • BPA-FREE CE, ROHS APPROVED 7-STAGE FILTER activated carbon and KDF in our Alkaline Water Filter Replacement removes chlorine & heavy metals. Magnesium, infrared & tourmaline ceramics increase the pH & add antioxidant qualities
  • ANTIOXIDANT BENEFITS Our alkaline Water Filter Replacement has an advanced Active carbon filter that reduces Chlorine, dust, grain, odor, & more
  • HIGH MINERAL LEVEL & ORP -200MV with leading-edge micro multi-level filtration. Neutralize harmful oxidation levels with an ORP of -200
  • BRITA® COMPATIBLE use your Brita® pitcher to make alkaline water simply by changing your replacement filter
  • COMPATIBLE WITH Brita® Classic, Mavea Classic, Atlantis, Bella, Classic, Slim, Soho, Space Saver, Chrome, every day, Grand, Marina, Monterey, Pacifica, Vintage, Wave, Ultramax, Pitcher & PUR Advantage, PUR Ultima, Brita® 766229, Mavea 1001529, Mavea 10171019 & Mavea 107007
  • This Brita-type filter can fit with the UltraMax water dispenser
  • 6 MONTH SUPPLY 3 pieces in individual aluminum foil packs, Cartridge Life: 45 gal. or 60 days to keep water alkalized and healthy, plus tasting great, depending on the number of people using the pitcher. This does work with most Brita-style pitchers & dispensers.
  • NSF Certified: Carbon Media is NSF 41 and NSF61 Certified
  • Trademark: Brita Registered Trademark, Serial Number: 86350399, is owned by BRITA LP, Oakland CA US. Faubourg du Lac 11 Neuchatel NE SWITZERLAND 2000
  • Note: Flush the filter with cold water for 1 to 3 minutes if you want to remove more of the small carbon "fines". The Carbon is Certified by the NSF and remember that our body is made up of 18% carbon so it is fine if you absorb some.
  • Over 3,000,000 of our Healthy Alkaline Filters have been purchased by our Life Customers. Life Water Products are "Built to Last
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Our Brita® compatible filters purify but also alkalize your wate